Alex Prelipcean

Java/Android Developer



I always aim at improving myself, whether I'm building a website for a friend, developing that app I had in mind for a while or just taking pictures and editing them.



About Me

The Internet has become nowdays what twenty years ago was school, workplace, cinema, supermarket, you name it.
I grew up in this environment, experiencing and learning the new technologies, as they emerged on the market.
I am one of those who create the new technologies.

My Timeline
  • Apr 2016

    I currently work on the following projects:


    • Restaurant Management Software - A Java server that synchronizes Android client devices with data from a database
  • Apr 2015 - Apr 2016

    Followed the JustIT DPP programme


    Over the course's duration I gained strong technical skill in my chosen field (Java and Android) but also improved my communication, presentation and problem-solving skills.

  • Jun 2010

    Graduated Electronics engineering

    Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava, Romania

    I studied mainly hardware, but I also had to work with HDL software, like Verilog and math software like Matlab

    In the laboratory classes I had to work in a team of four people, making sure that the requirements were achieved in the set amount of time

    I got acquainted to programming with Assembler Language, LISP and C

    In my free time, I worked with Adobe's Flash and Photoshop software, as I enjoyed combining programming with graphic design

  • Jun 2006

    Graduated Mathematics and Informatics

    Technical College, Radauti, Romania

    I got the basics of programming and learned how to plan ahead the software design stages

    I studied Turbo Pascal and a DBMS, FoxPro